Tuesday, August 28, 2012

shopping galore with my market truths reward money :)

 I am so glad I remembered to complete the Market Truths survey this month! I had been drooling over a lot of items the past couple of weeks, and I was looking to destress following my real life crisis.

So here are the goods:
dress: [[LD]] Major: Mellow Peplum Dress (Fashion Limited), 
jewelry: *ByKay* for caLLie cLine -Ocean Dream Earrings and Solitaire ring 
 (My Second Box for August)
hair: D!va Hair, Marie
(group gift from D!va)

dress: :V.e. Baroque Shell Dress Blues
hair: [e] Thrive - Brown
both items are from COLLA3OR88
jewelry are old releases from Paper Couture

Both looks are classy and sophisticated, and it was easy to match them up with freebies and older inventory items. It was just a matter of patience to browse through my cluttered inventory! It did take a while since I haven't been keeping tabs with my inventory's contents for a long time. 

But that's not all I shopped using the reward Lindens...I bought myself a new kitchen for my house! It is really modern and cozy, and I like that it comes in a low prim and regular versions, with adult and PG poses as well:

Nelle kitchen, ~BAZAR~

So with that, my shopping addiction was momentarily satiated... :)

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Pink Outfitters in My Second Box

I'm wearing a Pink Outfitters' Skeleton shirt,
and I used pose from  Exposeur called It's Casual 1,
both are items from My Second Box

I'm getting around really well lately, looking around marketplace (not a really good place because of copybots, but it's a start) and looking through my blog reader to update myself with Second Life stuff. I may have been gone for less than a year, but the virtual world has grown so much, with so much gone already (GASP! The Lost Gardens of Apollo) and so much new to see and do.

Anyway, more of my new(ish) finds in another post. What this post is really all about is the latest shopping trend called My Second Box. I have been seeing blogs that lists their items coming from MSB, and I particularly admired Harper's post of the outfit she put together with one of the items from MSB.

My Second Box is a group in Second Life that you have to join for L$300. The concept was to choose designers and give them an opportunity to use the group to release special items. From the group profile, MSB works like an RL sample box. 

Asides from the aforementioned joining fee, My Second Box group mechanics are as follows:

- Subscription is open from 1st to 25th of each month
- Gifts are sent to subscribers on the 15th
- All subscribers are EJECTED FROM group on the 26th of month –
- Subscribers MUST re-subscribe and pay the $300L fee at the beginning of each month

It looks like I joined just in time to collect the items from group notices....:) From the looks of it, joining the group is a great deal for L$300.

The rest of my "look" are as follows:

Armidi Limited - (F/Skinny) A001 Jeans [Dark Industrial] 1-Armidi
Frugalista - Cuts Diagonal Bangle Red-
o0BeaTheBrat0o GossipGirl

"LOVE-LOVE-LOVE" Earrings-Alienbear Gupte
R.icielli - Lipstick NEON / 01-R.icielli
MONS / Makeups - eyeliner cat (black)-MONS
Exile Micah/umber-Exile

Monday, August 13, 2012

virtual writings: AVENUE Magazine AUGUST 2012

It's nice to be writing for AVENUE Magazine again. I have sentimental ties with this magazine because I helped start it and I was part of the growing pains until I had to take a step back and handle Real Life. Working for the magazine has enabled me to see more than the usual things to see in Second Life. When you get around to it, Second Life features a myriad of things to do, interesting people to meet, places worth seeing, and events worth going to.

Who wouldn't ache to come back despite of it all?

I did.

So anyway, here's the latest issue of AVENUE Magazine. I have written three articles this month:

COVER STORY: Sisters with Style (Kungler's)

My pleasure, Ava and Barb!

Open publication - Free publishing - More art screamer

ARTS FEATURE: Art the Tart Way

The gallery is such a treat for the eyes, thanks, Byrne!

Open publication - Free publishing - More art screamer

ARTS Feature: Letting Art Scream

Thank you Chestnut! We hope to feature more of the artists you will be featuring in your group sim in later articles. 

look of the day august 13

It's a shame that I don't get to blog a lot about my fashion finds and the way I work them with the rest of my stuff. I guess its partly because I don't have a very good computer and I don't have the patience to list everything down. However, this will pretty much change as I try to get my feet wet again in Second Life and writing for it in general. 

I figure what better practice to get in the habit of blogging often is to create a Look of the Day post. As I make a lot of outfits and I do take photos of them, I might as well document them by blogging about here goes.
hair: Maitreya Aisha
makeup: R.icielli - Lipstick NEON / 01 ,
                                 MONS / Makeups - eyeliner cat (brown)
                                     Digit Darkes Eyebrows-high/medium point
lashes: Maitreya mesh (group gift)
skin: GP: Sundust [Dark] Lustre-Patina 1
jewelry: earrings- BenS Beauty Amazing Earring (AVENUE Magazine Readers Group gift)
bangle- Genesis Aubrey Bangles
necklace- Kungler's Velouria (discounted)
e! Darla Blazer in Aquamarine - August VIP Gift
tank top-*GC* White Tank
miniskirt: Second Wave Apparel (SWA) PerfectFit--Charcoal
shoes: [d.l.s.] transitions high heels (stripes) (August Group Gift) 
The outfit I'm wearing is casual with some dressy elements to make it look more polished and elegant. This is how I've always wanted to dress; casual, yet glamorous and chic. The jacket's refreshing Aquamarine color makes this outfit cheery and fun as well. It's an outfit that is sure to please and will fit in anywhere.

I hope the credits I placed together would help somewhat. As I've mentioned, I'm not a fashion blogger where I am used to posting style credits and SLURLs, but I'm hoping to pick up the habit soon, so please bear with me. Furthermore, some of the items I am wearing may no longer be available, and I'm sure you can be creative enough to be able to substitute whenever it is needed. 

Please enjoy this modest post...:) I'm open to any suggestions that you may have regarding my posts. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AVENUE Magazine APRIL 2011

Another month, another article by me from AVENUE Magazine . I love the front cover as it epitomizes Spring. Awesome work!

I really love contributing to AVENUE Magazine. I helped start this magazine two years ago, and it has been an amazing experience and a real thrill. Writing, interviewing and searching for content fuels my interest and passion for this virtual world called Second Life that helped me rediscover my passion for writing, stunning visuals, arts, and the digital society.

It's a little sad that I get to devote my time less to my baby, when I would work on this so much before, I now work on it less, and if I am really busy, not at all. Ever since I started venturing out on my own and living as I want in the real world, I've slacked off a bit on my contributions, and my heart aches each time. I miss the Skype sessions with the editorial team, vetting the articles, twiddling with Photoshop and InDesign (which I still know so little compared to the living geniuses that is the layout team) and looking through the layout. 

Nowadays I feel like a fish out of its fishbowl. AVENUE Magazine had been my fishbowl for the longest time, and now I witness it grow and expand, with a little help from me, into a thriving, artsy, intelligent magazine that I've always wanted it to be. 

We've got an amazing staff--from the editorial team, to the writers, photographers and the guest contributors. We have our doors open for suggestions from staff, giving us more eyes and ears on the grid when my eyes and ears are not so attuned due to RL. I will always be grateful for the chance that was given to me by Rusch Raymaker, and to the editorial staff, who has to put up with my inconsistencies lately.

To my AVENUE family, please bear with me as I grapple real life with its horns. Thank you so much. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

AVENUE March issue is raining men!

Rawr!! It's raining virtual men this March! Fabulous male fashionistas Winter, Enzo, & Gabe grace our pages along with our awesome coverage of the finest fashion, design, music, places, arts, & businesses. 

My article this month is a business feature on The Red Rock Mesa, a Native American arts & crafts sim. 

Read all about it and other finely written and styled articles in this issue!

Monday, January 17, 2011

We plan the way we w

We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it. Proverbs 16:9