Monday, December 27, 2010

On Rod Humble's ascent as CEO of Linden Lab

Marketing SL as a platform that you can do anything with reminds me of how skin moisturizers are marketed towards Fight 7 signs of aging with one product...only that kind of marketing tactic didn't really work with a product like SL. So they tried to leverage on the business aspects when Mark Kingdon was at the helm.

Now they are trying SL as a gaming platform. We've yet to see if this works, but really, with the exception of beauty products, categorizing something and putting them in a box and focusing on ONE of the features are what usually works in marketing most products. Some people get attracted to a product's main selling point, and nothing else. Those are the kind of people the Lab are trying to grab hold into now.

What makes for us already in SL? I hope Rod Humble will not abandon the residents and take care of us and let us participate. I'm all good with their marketing spin, as long as they don't lose sight of us that already see SL as beyond gaming and vampires and so forth.

All in all, SL is a great product, it can deliver more than advertised, BUT when handled improperly, it devolves as a bad product. We are slowly into that devolving process, when the Lab placed all their eggs in one basket, but it's not yet too late to make miracles...:)

I believe no matter who the CEO will be, ultimately WE are the experience. If they want to go to that road, well and good, but I think they should take advantage of the residents' passion by engaging with them more so that the residents can take care of the other SL aspects that they don't choose to highlight for now.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Trill's Cause

Here's my arts article for AVENUE Magazine entitled "Trill's Cause". Trill is an awesome painter whom I met through the fabulous Filthy Fluno in Artopolis last year while going through his fantastic gallery. Trill Zapatero's paintings are very beautiful and unique, but for this article I've encountered another side to her, which is discussed in the article.

So I hope you all get to read it and enjoy it :) This will be my last article for now, until I find enough time for writing and interviewing people online again. I still manage and look for content for AVENUE Magazine though, but writing needed to be set aside for a while...:(

Friday, March 12, 2010

$GaNKeD$ All that Jazz with my old Last Call Outfit

I don't usually get review copies, nor blog a lot. Imagine my surprise when I got a pack from $GaNKeD$ designer Misty Merryman's lovely designs for GIA's Accessories Fair. I've already seen several reviews for $GaNKeD$'s other offerings, and with what I've seen, these accessories contributes a unique and eclectic facet to a wardrobe. 

In this blog however, I chose one of $GaNKeD$'s necklaces to complement a really old but very wonderfully made outfit by the original designer of Last Call, Ginny Talamasca. The Aida dress is one of the oldest items in my inventory, a particular favorite of mine, which goes well with my hair, Exile's the Aphrodite, a purchase from last year's Hair Affair. The hair is a fabulous updo with enough hair sweeping elegantly to the sides that makes it very flattering  and elegant to wear.

What you see me wearing is the All that Jazz Necklace, a cute necklace adorned with ribbons and shimmery balls that adds glamor to what could have been a plain outfit. The All That Jazz necklace adds to the girlishness of this outfit, with its ribbons complementing the lace and the delicate texturing of the outfit.

I also got myself a new pair of eyes. It seems that I have been wearing Miriel far too long already, and upon reading many blogs about Poetic Color, I gathered up enough courage to go buy a pair.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and by golly, these pair of eyes epitomizes the saying to the letter. Delightfully realistic and soulful, these eyes are very reflective and wonderfully deep, one could easily get lost in them.

Not in the picture, but the shoes I chose to wear all this with is the AOHARU Walk Suede Laceup sandals in white.

By the way, GIA's Accessories Fair will run until March 27, 2010. You can find all the participating stores here and here. This event will benefit the Relay for Life in SL by the American Cancer Society.