Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Few Honest Lindens

Today's blog post from Frank Ambrose, (FJ Linden in SL) is the most honest and candid as a post from the Lab goes, considering that most blog posts in the official blog has been more about fluff and self promotion lately. It's not that self promotion in their own blog is bad, but candid and honest posts is something Second Life residents have always found to be short in the Big Blog, and many have complained about their latest strategy on reassigning certain topics like grid outages and Torley's video tutorials to other places, but that is another discussion altogether.

What seems to be emerging right now is FJ Linden's style of keeping us posted. In my opinion, FJ Linden is one of those rare Lindens who say it like it is, using the word "painful" several times to emphatize with us residents who are trying to get in to get our SL fix. He also has the skill to write SL's woes without sending us to panic and keeping us hopeful because he and his team are doing something about it.

Indeed. Looking at his profile, and noticing his experience with AOL, I trust him. AOL, like it or hate it, is a big company, and his experience there has made him ready to handle the new challenges that is SL's infrastructure.  I'm sure that his patience has been tried so many times in AOL, and that last weekend's borkage was probably as hard on him as it was on us, but I think this is the pain that one goes when one is trying to make things better.

I don't know if people have heard or read about this, but there's a saying that "the steeper the climb, the better the view". I believe this quote is so apt for Second Life. Climbing the twin mountains of growth and stability is long and steep, but in the end, the benefits will be so good in the end.  

Here's hoping we all still have the patience for it.