Monday, September 28, 2009


Sometimes there's no telling how a calamity in real life can affect us, and knowing that some people in Second Life are badly affected by those calamities, we often feel a surge of sympathy and compassion. 

I'm located in the Philippines in real life, as is Shai Delacriox and her husband Kriss Lehmann. We're all okay, albeit experiencing some floods in our respective areas, but the typhoon Ondoy has wreaked the country in more ways than we can fathom. Along with Miabella Foxley (which this image is from), they are appealing for contributions for the relief of those affected by the typhoon Ondoy. 

Anyway, I am repeating their appeal inworld in this blog--please read below:

"Typhoon Ondoy [Ketsana] in Black September - The worst storm in 50 years hits Metro Manila triggering floods, landslide, power outage and stranding people in rooftops and malls. The storm kills 72 and hundreds missing.  About 400 mm [15.75 inches] of rainfall in just 6 hours. The president declared a state of calamity."

This weekend our friends in and out of Second Life™ were badly affected by the typhoon flooding in the Philippines. Miabella Foxley, Shai Delacroix and  Kriss Lehmann are setting up a collection in SL that will be directly donated to the Philippine Red Cross. We are asking our friends and contacts to please help us raise money for the Filipino residents that were victimized by Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana.

Donations will be accepted via a kiosk  at Casa Del Shai, Botanical and other locations.  You can also donate directly at the Red Cross Philippines website link below.  50% of all my sales made in the next two weeks will be directly donated in form of goods to fellow Filipinos who are in need of assistance.

Please take a moment and help make a difference to those who have lost their houses and possessions from the flooding.

Shai Delacroix
Casa del Shai - Manila, Philippines