Monday, October 12, 2009

My favorite outfit # 1

I'm not a fashion blogger, but my love for clothes in Second Life is just as immense as the next female avatar out there.  If I were to say how much I spend my money in virtual clothing, I'd surely get in trouble.

Every Monday, I'll try to recall which outfits I like and document them so I can get a clear picture of what items I really like on my avatar.

First off, is this outfit from Bare Rose. Haruka Kish first wore it when she represented Japan in the Miss Virtual World competition. I really love this dress because of the way it was created, nice and flowy, it embraces my figure and brings out that Asian look and feel. The textures are finely detailed and I really like the shade of blue that June Dion used for this dress.

There's no need for more accessories as this dress comes with a necklace, so I finished it off with a nice pair of Courtisane's Devoue shoes in black.