Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Essence of Your Patronage in SL

In my time as a resident of Second Life, I've seen really wonderful projects come to life: Art collaborations made to inspire, invoke emotions and reflect. Gathering places like clubs and discos that provides an avenue for our social activities. Fashion that feels like an artpiece or makes a testament of one's heritage. Immersive sims that increase your SL involvement. Truly being in Second Life has made me more appreciative of the many endeavors that enrich the world and protecting them becomes very essential, not just for me, but for the whole Second Life experience. 

I'm sure all of you has seen how creative a lot of people can be in SL, and when creativity thrives, there's no stopping it....well, nothing except MONEY. The sad truth is that many if not all of the art and visuals are made out of sheer love to create and to inspire, and with the rising tier prices and the economy in RL taking its toll to our SL activities, we are in danger of losing all that we have come to appreciate. One of such project is the Second Life Shakespeare Company's Twelfth Night. Though I have not seen this one, I have seen Hamlet, and I truly believe that this is an amazing testament of passion for theatre and an excellent example of how Second Life can be used.
This collaboration is strictly a resident-run and resident-supported professional theatre company that first started with Hamlet as its first production last year. They do this out of love and respect for the craft, and such endeavors are worth supporting. Even if Shakespeare bores you to death in Real Life, at least SLSC does their best to make it cool in Second Life.

Please support the art and creations you come to love in Second Life by donating to their efforts and helping spread the word about their existence. We must not be complacent during this difficult times to help those who have resorted to their creative genius to support themselves, for some of our virtual fashion designers and artists, whatever little Linden dollar you contribute bring food and gas to their table in Real Life.