Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What really ails the grid

Today's post is in reaction to RightAsRain Rimbaud's blog post about bots and campers. He stresses out that they are the main reason of Second Life's performance issues, then asserts his disappointment over the Linden Lab's lack of reaction and action to it. Mr. Rimbauld also started a Flickr group so residents can submit snapshots taken of bots and campers that litter our grid.

True, bots and campers a bane to our Second Life existence, but so are the following residents:

*Attachment junkies
*Content creators who unwisely upload textures that rezz too long
*Sims running too many scripts/textures that load too long

However, the difference is that while the three offenders can be changed through awareness, the issue on bots and campers remain an issue that
REALLY NEEDS to be acted upon by the Lab. Bling can easily be taken off and scripts be rewritten to work efficiently, but bots and campers are proof of the Lindens' lenient system. The word "lenient" here is in the context of how the Lab responds to people using bots/campers as a business of some sort. With the exemption of gambling and bank bans that has taken place, the Lab has an easy going policy with regards to running and engaging in business in Second Life

Thus the question comes up on how to best resolve this problem that has long been hindering our experience from the grid. Should we form a group designed to abolish this? I wonder if this is the purpose RaR's Flickr group serve? Would it be used as some sort of evidence-gathering repository to show/shove down the Linden's who refuse to see the LIVING resident's point? That THIS and not Openspaces are the root cause?