Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Casual outfit # 2

I was inspired by Vixie Rayna's column in AVENUE Magazine that featured a fur jacket by AOHARU and Shai's Crocodile skin boots in red (only 50L$ when I bought it a couple of Fifty Linden Fridays ago). These two, together with Armidi jeans, Armidi's Schuyler top, Zaara's bracelet, and Caliah Lyon's Pearl earrings made a great outfit. Giving the outfit an eclectic look was this belt, a group gift from Lion skins. It had feathers and other sorts of adornments with this Native Indian feel to it.

I took these photos outside my house. I rezzed four of Botanical's trees and lined them up in front of the house. I was going to hang a Christmas lantern, or a "parol" as it is called in my RL country, but I only have limited prims in my plot and I don't want to be a bad tenant to my landlady who has been really nice!

Mainland living has its perks and peeves, I've had strangers with creepy profiles coming into my parcel looking around and being rude, but I get that too back in Costa Rica sims, only that this man I encountered in Mainland rudely entered my house and looked around. He said the door was open but I said that wasn't an excuse to just go in.  Geez!