Thursday, November 26, 2009

Winter dressing A-Z

Red has always been associated with Christmas, and a white winter has never been colorful and festive with people wearing anything red to mark the holidays.

In this place where I live in real life, we don't have Autumn or I don't have much practice creating outfits in that theme, but here I am trying anyway. Reading enough fashion blogs and looking at runway shows for inspiration, I came up with this pretty ensemble comprising of Armidi, Dela, Second Wave Apparel, Maitreya, Tesla and Zaara.

Wearing this outfit is makes me feel sophisticated, ladylike,and very chic, as if coming out of a building and getting ready to hail a taxi to go home. Or go for coffee with friends. Or go on a date.   The red coat goes very well with the different elements of this outfit, which I decided to put eclectic touches by mixing elements of lace and funky graphics.                         

The inner blouse is a part of Sioxie Legend's Tuxedo dress that has rich and intricate lace embellishments on it, and matching it with Zaara's modern black leggings with a pattern of crazy splashes seems not a bad idea. 

The charming shoes from Tesla complements the rest of the outfit really well. Tesla's shoes are fun, flirty, and never complicated to wear.

I was really satisfied with the end result and decided to take photos.Unfortunately, I am in my laptop, and I have a pretty lousy connection. So I made a big risk of maxing out the sliders and putting the graphic setting to Ultra, fiddled with the Windlight presets, and snapped away. The initial result was okay enough, and I decided to practice my little skills in editing photos until I felt somewhat satisfied with the result. 

A little bright, but not too bad,I think.